Creating Superpowers for the Engineers of the Future

If there’s one superpower, every industrial engineer needs it’s to identify machine components out of thousands of options seamlessly, fast and accurately.

We have the technology that can do just that.

Our xRec technology is the superpower that enables fast and precise identification of products and machine components in industrial environments. It is a definite solution, based on a multitude of industry-proven computer vision components, some of which are AI based.

Get to know xRec as well as how to identify objects, order spare parts, accessing system status information and more.


Use Cases

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The automatic recognition of components and parts, saves engineers and maintenance technicians a lot of time and trouble. It also helps reduce the need to involve experts in every activity on site. It is a secure and stable technological solution, built to undertake difficult use cases.

Parts and module recognition via Smartphone

In an immediate, entirely unique process, replacement parts are visually digitized to become AI training data. Our xRec components are trained in an automated way based on this data. As soon as this process is over, the system is ready. It simplifies a time-consuming process such as reordering spare parts or/and accessing documentation with the hit of a button.

Mobile and stationary Smart Logistics

Thanks to its unique combination of different recognition technologies, xRec is used in a number of smart logistics use cases. All of them share the goal to support your employees in processes that are complex and/or repetitive to save time and money.

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Why xRec


It speeds up any kind of process where precise identification is required.

Multiple recognition technologies combined in one force

It ensures accurate recognition of all kinds of objects in all sorts of situations, xRec uses a smart combination of different computer vision technologies that have been developed to meet the specific needs of industrial use cases.

Minimally invasive

No markers, QR codes or RFID needed for object recognition.

Fast implementation

There’s no need for project development. You can gradually roll out the solution throughout your production site.


Users of xRec technology can use it immediately without acquiring any special technical skills. There’s no need for complicated technical handling, and the user receives information and orders spare parts by using their device.

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We are looking for partners, who, together with us, will develop and sell the artificial superpowers for engineers and technicians. Let’s revolutionize the way we build and maintain machines and mechanical systems. We make you stand out from the competition by providing you with the right resources, skills, and platform strategy.

As a partner of Humai, you will be given the platform to build, sell or implement our solutions and connect with our leading client base worldwide.

You can count on Humai to be your trusted partner. We will work closely with you, and we’ll provide complete transparency every step of the way.