The status of your company and the success of your product has reached rewarding heights thanks to you, and your team’s hard work and dedication. You have now reached the level where the way you engage and familiarize with your customers and partners is mainly determined by how fast you acquaint new employees with the USPs and technical details of your products. You may ask yourself: is this even possible without lengthy and extensive training? Am I in the position to manage my partners and offer them the support they need with concise and uniform sales material?

Yes, you can! MagicLens – your Artificial Sales Assistant – is the superpower for reaching diverse target groups using a single tool. There’s no need for time-consuming coaching to new sales staff or partners. Demonstrate and explain your products with the ease of an experienced technical expert, from the very first day.

The embodied MagicLens Composer allows you to send new product and company information to all the users of the application with a single click. This can be enhanced, adjusted and distributed without any acquiring any programming skills whatsoever.


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What our customers say

“MagicLens enables us to show the range of our system offer and facilitates in visualizing our quality. Users can use the application as individually as needed and to the relevant extent required.”

Dirk Hinze, Stöber Antriebstechnik GmbH

“With Gilgen City in conjunction with MagicLens, we have fully achieved our goals. The number of new customer contacts was sensational. […] The investment has fully paid off for us in the long term.”

Alain Ducrey, Gilgen Door Systems AG

“During a sales discussion, we can adapt our response according to the individual interests of our customers at any time. Therefore, MagicLens will not only be on show in trade shows but also in direct sales.”

Christoph Dietiker, vonRoll hydro (suisse) ag


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MagicLens App

If there’s one superpower you need in sales, it’s the MagicLens application, also accessible offline and independently adaptable. Now available to use on all devices, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Deliver compelling and groundbreaking presentations to your potential clients and trading partners and kickoff a meeting with an immersive presentation of your product and how it can create a solution for them.  Create visually compelling presentations that forge relationships, accelerate decision-making and shorten your sales cycle.

With the MagicLens application, your sales teams can single-handedly, and with the click of a button, access exploded views, 3D model animations, videos, presentations, data sheets, and pictures.

MagicLens Composer

The MagicLens Composer is your foolproof personal dashboard for all your sales materials. It’s a back-end system that allows you to modify the MagicLens application, expand it with new materials and distribute it to your team or even your customers, with no prior programming knowledge.

This ensures your sales team always has the latest sales materials – since the app automatically updates content to each smartphone and tablet.

Would you also like to know which products and USPs will be presented to customers?

MagicLens is the first artificial assistant that enables real-time data collection of the developing conversation with a customer. Your sales personnel will never have to record meeting minutes again, and you get the perfect overview of all sales activities in the field.

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One superpower for all your teams

Field Sales

Nowadays, companies spend more money than ever to generate additional sales meetings with potential customers. But when these meetings are secured, most sales representatives still heavily rely on dated technology that takes us back to the twentieth century.

MagicLens delivers a product-centric experience like no other, that results in increased sales. How do we know? Simple: MagicLens feeds reliable data back to your CRM, adding a whole new dimension to sales optimization.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows is a great way to generate new leads. But how can you stand out from the competition without losing focus on your products and without spending your entire budget on a single event?

MagicLens offers several different ways to generate attention and combines this with a highly competent sales tool that can be used over and over again. Triple your number of qualified leads and significantly increase the duration of your sales conversations with MagicLens.


In an increasingly evolving world with fast-paced product development, it is key to ensure that both internal staff and/or your external partners are well trained and are up to speed to deliver a consistent message.

Distributing new material through our centralized applications downloading makes this process easy! Intuitive user-interface of modern mobile devices ensures a self-exploratory and intuitive experience. Our clients have reported considerable savings in travel and training costs using MagicLens.

Experience MagicLens Live

We tour all around the world to showcase MagicLens, so chances are you’re most likely to find us at an event or trade show near you. Come by and allow us to immerse you in the visual world of MagicLens.

Find out where you can experience MagicLens live.

Trade Shows

The benefits

Increase of Follow-up Meetings

Price in itself is not a convincing argument. However, when presenting your product’s USPs through a visual and cutting-edge tool such as MagicLens, companies have 100% higher chance of securing a second meeting.

Cohesive sales presence

Companies that operate internationally find it especially challenging to ensure their sales representatives present the company and their products cohesively.  However, with MagicLens, 92% of our customers affirm the tool provides a consistent and uniform sales presence.

An unforgettable eyecatcher

Wouldn’t it be great if you could generate 300% more leads at trade shows? With MagicLens you can! This is not a one-off case, but the result of a measured success rate of many of our customers. Best of all, when you present with MagicLens, your product and company will be remembered for a long time to come.

We take your content and your vision and we build your bespoke MagicLens.

We complete hundreds of MagicLens projects every year based on a methodical approach that focuses on three core aspects:

•    Fast project delivery
•    Minimal work for the customer team
•    Understanding the sales teams’ needs on the field.

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