Partium for your your maintenance team.

Accelerate maintenance – Reduce downtimes – Get the job done.

All information - in one place.

Maintenance workers in factories, plants and production sites still rely heavily on paper and pencil to record events, issues and faults. 

Additionaly most of the materials such as Bill of Materials (BoM), part lists and other technical documentation are only available on paper. 

The problem: The really important informations are almost never properly documented or not available on site.

This poses a major challenge to employees without many years of experience in maintenance or technicians who have to maintain new machines. In some cases they are forced to exhaust all available information soruces in order to obtain the correct information to complete their work orders.

This is where we come in: With Partium users identify components and spare parts within  a few seconds – simply by photo on your smartphone.

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Partium in Maintenance

Partium is tailored-to-purpose for industrial clients

Reduce search times

Give your maintenance engineers and technicians the power to identify spare parts within a few seconds - right on their spare parts and without frustrating manual searches.

Minimize walking distances

Save unnecessary trips to the warehouse or office and access the warehouse stock lists and documentation from your Partium App on your mobile device.

Support experts

Inexperienced maintenance staff and workers usually refer to experts to get the right answer. With Partium you give them a powerful tool they can use in self service.

The Partium Way

Maintenance engineers and technicians can use Partium on mobile devices like Smartphones or Tablets with Android or iOS.

The Partium App holds information such as parts list, bill of materials (BoM), notes and documents that are required for the operation and maintenance of the machine. 

The combination of data sources mitigates the need for workers to manually search for the documentation and information that is needed to complete their work order.

With Partium the user flow is different: Maintenance engineers and technicians can use our Partium search to identify the right spare part and then access assigned informations, processes or systems. 

Our connectivity module also enables the connection to systems such as ERP, EAM or CMMS.

With Partium, you make all available information accessible through a single system and cut down on search times.

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Identify all types of parts

Partium identifies (almost) everything: built-in, concealed-, damaged- and dirty spare parts.

Use fault codes for the search

With Partium you can use the fault codes of the machines and systems to identify parts and components.

Targeted ordering & delivery of components

With Partium, your maintenance technicians only order parts that they really need. No more double-orders due to uncertainty!

Quick access documentation

Identify the defective part via smartphone and open the stored documentation directly through the app.

Do you want to know more?

Philipp Begala, Contact person for Partium in maintenance