The booster for your Aftersales & Service Business

With Partium your customers can identify the right spare parts within a few seconds – and instantly reorder them from you.

Partium, the sales channel to grow your aftersales business

Aftersales & Service are fundamental for business success in mechanical and plant engineering

In the past few years, many machine and plant manufacturers have focused on the new sales business. 

However, many companies are now trying to drive growth of their Aftersales & Service division.

The reasons are obvious: The Service & Aftersales business has strong margins and is not quite as volatile.Customers already exists and parts are manufactured relatively inexpensively and sold at a high price.

For many companies, the question arises how they can further increase the sales of their spare parts and how they can defend their market share against cheaper cheaper third-party manufacturers.

This is where we come in: Partium offers your customers quick and easy identification of spare parts and subsequent access to documentation, information and systems.

Most importantly: Your customers are only a few interactions away from placing an order with you.

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The Booster for your service business

Added Value for your customers - a powerful sales channel for you.

Increase Sales

Partium is valuable for your customers maintenance team - and gives you a digital channel to sell your spare parts to them.

Offer Digital Services

Partium a great digital addition to your machines. You can sell Partium as a digital service to customers and open up new revenue streams.

Analyze User Data

With Partium you know exactly who is looking for your parts and which parts are not ordered from you. Use the user data to your advantage!

Increased Sales, Higher Customer Satisfaction

With Partium your customers identify parts within seconds.

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Identification in seconds

Partium identifies (almost) everything: built-in, concealed-, damaged- and dirty spare parts.

Increase sales of service and spare parts

Partium is the ideal bridge from the defective part to your spare parts offer. Order in just three steps: Identification, order list, order!

New digital business models

Partium is a product that you can license to your machine and system customers. Open up new revenue streams for your service business!

Collect & evaluate user data

With Partium you collect valuable data about your customers' search behavior and order preferences. Use the data to your advantage!

Do you want to know more?

Philipp Begala, Contact person for aftersales and service