Partium Module Overview

Looking for a spare part? Partium is the solution! In our module overview you can find out which modules are available and how you can tailor Partium to your individual usecase.

Module Overview

Partium is our solution to find industrial spare parts within seconds. We created Partium as a modular product that can be  tailored to our customers requirements.

Customers usually start with the implementation of Partium and Basic Search and then gradually add further modules to their Partium until they have reached the desired level of features and functionality.

Fast start & good results.


Text Search

Type in serial numbers, names and device identifiers in the text search to get instand results.



Simply type in the search term and search all the content available in your Partium app.

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Category Search

Search parts by category and browse all parts of the same category at once.


Delta Search

Use properties such as shape, color, material properties and more to find the right part!

Basic Search: Quick start - good results

The Basic Search is our standard search for a quick start into the world of super fast spare part searches. 

The Basic Search is an integral part of every Partium application and enables you to use common search features such as text, numbers, serial numbers or other identifiers .

In addition to the text search, the Basic Search comes with a Category Search , which enables searches within categories and classes.

It comes with our proprietary Delta Search , which allows you to identify spare parts using properties such as material, location or classification.

Higher productivity & service quality.

Partium Machine Assistant is our module for increasing productivity in maintenance and repair.



With the machine assistant you have an overview and access to the structure and hierarchy of your assets.



Store important information as notes for individual parts, assemblies or complete machines.

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Access the documentation for machines, assemblies and parts - Simple, fast and reliable with the MMA module.



Forget sticky notes on the machine and share important information across employees and shifts using the MMA module.

MMA: Your productivity booster

The Mobile Machine Assistant is a key component of our Partium app that provides engineers and maintenance engineers a variety of productivity tools for their daily maintenance duties.

With the MMA, you and your technicians have direct access to the asset hierarchy. You can access machines, areas or assemblies with their parts lists within seconds.

Store the relevant documentation right in the Partium app and give your technicians direct access – without long journeys.

In addition, the MMA gives your technicians and maintenance workers the option to create notes and share them with their team mates or colleagues working other shifts easily, quickly and digital.

Bring all information together.

Partium Connectivity is our module to connect Partium to your applications.



Connect Partium to your EAM / ERP to use the recognition result in your EAM & ERP business application.



Identify the spare part with Partium and use the result to access the documentation/catalog system of your choice.

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With the Partium API you can connect our Partium solution to your own applications and share relevant business and process data.



Identify spare parts, add them to the order list and have them ordered through purchasing - fully integrated & seamless.

Connectivity: Connect what matters

Partium is the perfect addition to complex systems such as ERP’s or EAM’s, which are critical for your own organization, but still have weaknesses when operated on mobile devices. 

With Partium, you give your employees a powerful tool that identifies parts in matter of seconds and leads them straight into the producitivty systems of your choice. 

With our connectivity module, you can transfer the search result directly to other applications or import data such as stock lists, stock levels and much more straight into your Partium app.

With Partium Connectivity you can bring together all the criticical information from other systems in a single application and access everything at a glance!

Upgrade existing business apps.

With Partium SDK , you can easily integrate Partium into existing applications.


Search by button

Integrate Partium into your business applications via SDK and enable your users to search for spare parts at the push of a button.

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Platform independent

Our SDK enables you to integrate the Partium search in business applications on Android and Apple iOS.

SDK: Easy integration

With our SDK you can give users of your business applications a truly seamless user experience.

With Partium you bring your App to the next level by empowering your users to search for spare sparts within seconds.

With our SDK module you make Partium a part of your application portfolio – as a fully integrated, whitelabeled search feature. 

This way you can offer your customers significant benefits and quickly create a unique selling point to stand out from the competition.

Get the most out of the data.

Partium Management & Analytics is our module for data management and analysis.


Refine your search

With our management module you can quickly and easily add new spare parts to the search.


Master data

Bring your master data from different systems together and manage synonyms and other search criteria.

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Usage data and search queries enable you to optimize your own processes and offers.

Management & Analytics: More control

With Partium Management & Analytics, you can easily manage the data that Partium uses to find spare parts.

Add spare parts in self service, change master data, manage synonyms or obsolete parts. Quite simply in the web browser or the App!

In the analytics area you have access to the usage data of the users and can evaluate usage, searches and evaluate the data.

With our Management & Analytics module you have your search data under control at all times.

Identify all spare parts – with a single app.

Partium Vision is our module for the optical search for spare parts.


Artificial intelligence

Take a picture of the spare part and have it identified using artificial intelligence.



With the vision module you can visually identify parts using the QR code in a matter of seconds.

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Partium Vision has an integrated barcode scanner that makes it possible to evaluate barcodes.



Partium Vision enables the reading out of complex labels in order to identify the right part.

Vision: Identify everything - really everything

Partium Vision is our advanced search module that uses all available identification features to clearly identify the part you are looking for.

Vision identifies using artificial intelligence based on shape, color and visual appearance and – if available – available through QR codes, barcodes or labels.

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