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Partium, the mobile search for industrial spare parts.

  • Developed with industrial usecases in mind
  • Available for Smartphone and Tablet (Android & iOS)
  • Available as standalone App or SDK
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Partium, the app for maintenance & aftersales

Partium is tailored-to-purpose for industrial usecases in Maintenance and Aftersales.

Maintenance & Repair

Partium is the leading tool for the identification of industrial spare parts.

Search through full text , OCR , text recognition , optical search or material properties and find the right component in just a few seconds.

With Partium technicians and maintenance workers have access to parts lists, warehouse lists, documentation and connected systems such as EAM , ERP or CMMS.

Available as a standalone App or SDK for integration into your existing business applications.

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Aftersales & Service

Partium is a great addition to the aftersales & service portfolio of medium-sized machine and system manufacturers.

Give your customers a simple , user-friendly application with an industry-hardened  reliable part search that smoothly integrates into your existing app ecosystem.

With Partium you can open up a new communications and sales channel that your customers carry with them at all times: On their smartphone and in their pocket.

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  • Partium | Overview

    Reduced search times

    With Partium you can identify spare parts within a few seconds - right through the mobile app.
  • Partium | Overview

    Fast onboarding

    New employees can reliably identify components with Partium - regardless of their experience level.
  • Partium | Overview

    Quick access

    Partium maps the hierarchy of your machines and systems and enables the integration of important information such as parts lists, documentation and stock lists.

Module Overview

Partium is a modular solution that is quick to introduce and easy to tailor to your requirements. 

Our customers usually start with the implementation of the basic search and the machine assistant module. The stack of Partium, Basic Search and Machine Assistant is usually delivered within 3-6 weeks.

There is also the option of connecting Partium of the API to third-party applications or fully integrating Partium into existing applications using an SDK (e.g. IBM Maximo / IFS or your own business applications).

With our Management & Analytics and Vision modules, you can take your Partium installation to the next level!


The basic module

Basic Search

The quick search module

Machine Assistant

Digital tools for your technicians


Integration in ERP / EAM and everything else.


Integration in ERP / EAM and everything else.

Management & Analytics

Manage, supplement and read out data.

Optical search

Visual search for spare parts by image

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