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Mobile Machine Assistant (MMA)

for machine manufacturers and their customers

The Mobile Machine Assistant (MMA) supports you in digitizing your analog machines and equips your company, your products and your customers for the future. Welcome to the world of industry 4.0!

In concrete terms, the MMA is a mobile application that runs on a smartphone or tablet and provides your customers with all the information they need to operate or maintain a machine. The mobile service solution supports and relieves maintenance and warehouse staff. Some of the advantages are better condition monitoring, faster troubleshooting, lower machine downtimes, optimized warehouse management and increased availability of the right components and assemblies.

By using the MMA on the part of your customers, you as a machine manufacturer can ensure that the procurement of cheap, replicated spare parts is significantly minimized, since the digital assistant can be linked to your web shop or one of your preferred web shops.

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Take off with the MMA!

You are a machine manufacturer and want to digitize your machine? With our Mobile Machine Assistant you can offer your customers added value in many usecases!


Would a mobile assistant that supports your employees in handling machines and helps you to work more efficiently by displaying all information relevant for maintenance in a bundled form help you?


What would you think of a mobile assistant that supports, trains and trains your employees in the use of the machine by quickly providing all relevant information on the tablet or smartphone?


Do your employees process a lot of information about ordering the right spare parts on a daily basis? Are the return rates of your customers and your storage costs high? Would you like to increase the turnover of your online shop?


The exchange of spare parts is not only costly for the technician on site, but also for the employees in the warehouse management. The identification of the right parts by a mobile assistant can help here.

Facility Management

Are you in facility management and increasingly confronted with increased requirements in terms of flexibility, complexity, accessibility, speed, error avoidance and security and looking for solutions?

Individual Usecases

xRec, our technology for the recognition and identification of components, spare parts and assemblies, can be tailored to your needs within the framework of individual consulting projects.

Case Study: AICHELIN

#Jakob, the Mobile Machine Assistant for the customers of AICHELIN Service GmbH

AICHELIN Service GmbH and the xRec team have developed a Mobile Machine Assistant for thermoprocessing plants, which was named #Jakob in the course of the project. The aim of this assistant is to simplify work processes and procedures and to ensure maximum safety for the customer.

In addition to many smart functions, the main focus is on the simplified and secure recognition of components and spare parts with the help of artificial intelligence through a mobile app. This can also be used to call up further information on the product or component.

As part of our case study, we describe the course of the project and the results that have already been achieved with the Mobile Machine Assistant.