Mobile Applications

Here you will find an overview of our mobile applications for the detection of components, spare parts, wear parts, standard parts, standard parts and assemblies and the demo to try out!

Request a demo and test the xRec technology on your smartphone.

Learn all about the features & functionality of our Mobile Machine Assistant (MMA).

Mobile Machine Assistant

The app is the platform for the detection. Individual components or assemblies are photographed and then identified.



After shooting, the image is processed. The artificial intelligence searches for the result in the respective customer-specific neural network for approx. 5 – 10 seconds.



After the search, the app suggests a hit or a list of possible hits. The user can select the preferred result and take further actions.



The user now has the choice whether he wants to inform himself only about the identified component or whether he wants to set further actions. If desired, service calls can be made or the spare part can be ordered directly in the web shop.



In the documentation, the user can retrieve various available information and documents about the selected part.



All actions in the app can be individually adapted and extended according to customer requirements. For example, it is possible to connect to the situation management software in order to check stock levels conveniently via the app.



Now you have the opportunity to test our xRec technology for the detection of objects such as components, spare parts, wear parts, standard parts, standard parts and assemblies.


Where can I download the demo app?

We will soon make a direct download of the app to the smartphone available to our visitors. In the meantime, please contact us directly. We will send you the demo immediately.

I would like to test my own parts

In principle, object recognition via mobile application only works with objects that have been trained in the neural network. If you want to carry out a test with your own objects, we recommend our starter package, available on our pricing page.

How does the web demo work?

Install our xRec demo app on your smartphone. Then open our test page on your laptop or desktop PC and take a picture of the displayed image using our demo app.

I have further questions

We are happy to support you. Please contact our experts with your questions. We look forward to your inquiry and are anxious to give you the best overview of our detection technology!

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