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Optimize your maintenance processes, increase your availability

Partium is the perfect tool for the mobile spare parts search in freight and passenger transport. Easily identify components using a smartphone - right at the train.

In rail transport, quick and proper maintenance is particularly critical in order to avoid delays and breakdowns, and get your passengers and goods to their destination safely and on time.

The multi-level maintenance practice, the extensive rail network, the complex and heterogeneous rail fleet, many different maintenance plants and the decentralized or local responsibilities make maintenance a highly complex task.

When developing Partium, our mobile spare parts search, our goal was to support the rail industry quickly. Light and heavy maintenance, troubleshooting and various repairs are uncomplicated and easy thanks to Partium.

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Unnecessary detours?

How the part search works today

Maintenance engineers and technicians can use various data sources to identify spare parts. The first step is to answer various questions that are necessary before removing or replacing the spare part

What maintenance engineers need to know:

Maintenance personnel can access a variety of information sources, to find out these answers. The different sources, however, mostly show different data statuses, require expert knowledge or take ages to find the right information. 

Therefore, technicians usually help themselves by searching the warehouse or ask experts that are currently available.

In certain cases, technicians and maintenance personnel are forced to access all available systems and information sources, in order to identify the correct part.

The results are up to nine individual search processes, of which each one costs time, money and resources.

Part search with Partium

We focus on the maintenance engineer

Searching materials with Partium is different. Our Partium app bundles all the information available  in one system, which maintenance and service technicians can access directly.

This eliminates time-consuming searches in different systems to find the right part. With Partium you only search 1x – because you already have the right part in focus.

Partium in real life

We focus on the maintenance engineer


We know the specific challenges of the rail industry. We have developed Partium.rail especially for maintaining the rail cars and railway vehicles.


Partium is field-proven. Our customers use Partium.rail every day to maintain their rail fleet.

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Easy integration

Partium.rail can be linked to EAM, ERP, storage systems, documentation or other systems.


From the train to the train series to the entire fleet: Partium.rail is learning and growing with your requirements.

Are you working in maintenance and servicing of railway vehicles? Are you responsible for the optimization of complex maintenance processes in rail transport? Download our digital guide to find out all the information we have gathered on that topic.

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