Humai sponsors student team at NASA Robotics World Championship

This year in July, the annual Global Conference on Educational Robotics (GCER) was held in Oklahoma, U.S.A. 

The GCER is a robotics competition meant to teach and inspire young people all around the world and is sponsored in part by NASA. Innovation, development, and research are the three pillars of technology growth. 

These activities begin already in schools, where the fundamental principles can be taught to students from a young age. Even though students are able to contribute a lot of thought and energy to such projects, they often lack financial resources to complete them. Digitalisation, Technology and furthering one’s education are matters deeply imbued in the hearts of all those at Humai Technologies. 

It was therefore not even a question for our company to take part in providing sponsorship to the brilliant budding minds at HTL Wiener Neustadt, aiding these students to participate in what we view as a very necessary activity. Digitalization is central to robotics and participation in such competitions, only serves to strengthen the students competencies in this field as well as help students think in more analytical ways. 

Although “Introduction to Robotics” is a free course at the HTL Wiender Neustadt, the class has attracted many interested and talented students, whose combined efforts have lead to continued successes against other teams all over the world.

We are confident in our fellow Viennese digital champs and wish the HTL Wiener Neutstadt Teams “good luck” and to enjoy their time in this year’s event! 

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Bernd Steinberger @ Humai