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You already have an app and want to add a detection component to it with xRec?

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xRec Embedded

Integrate our xRec detection technology into existing apps

With xRec Embedded you can add the revolutionary recognition technology feature to your existing application and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The innovative xRec technology is mainly used in the areas of maintenance, servicing, production, warehousing and aftermarket and enables every employee to quickly, precisely and without special know-how recognize components, assemblies and machine elements among thousands of options.

If you are interested in integrating xRec technology into your app, you can request our xRec Embedded Whitepaper with further information here!

xRec Embedded for your App!

Are you a provider of mobile applications for maintenance, repair, production or service and would like to expand your offer?


What would your maintenance and repair customers say if your B2B application had a component and assembly recognition feature that made all available information directly available right on your mobile Device? Talk to us to learn more!


What would you think about extending your app with a feature that supports and trains your customers’ employees in handling the machine and simultaneously displays all relevant information directly on the smartphone or tablet?


Do your employees process a lot of information about ordering the right spare parts on a daily basis? Are the return rates of your customers and their storage costs high? Would you like to offer your App-customers a new services and means to find the right product?


The maintenance handling and troubleshooting is a challenge! Relieve your customers by accessing material logistics, device history and much more – directly via recognition of parts and assemblies on their mobile Device!

Facility Management

Do you have customers in facility management who use your mobile app and want to differentiate themselves with a new feature? With xRec Embedded you can identify relevant parts and assign service reports and customer signatures!

Individual Usecases

xRec, our technology for the recognition and identification of components, spare parts and assemblies, can be tailored to your needs within the framework of individual consulting projects. Reach out to learn more about your individual xRec project!