Smart detection technology

for Maintenance, Repair & Aftermarket Services

The reliable detection technology in our smart maintenance assistant enables your team to quickly identify spare parts and assemblies within seconds. This has advantages for the maintenance and servicing of the machines as well as for the procurement of spare parts.

In addition to fast and accurate spare part identification, constant monitoring of your own systems also leads to reduced downtimes and thus prevents high follow-up costs. The mobile maintenance assistant recognizes relevant assemblies and accesses the operating data of the system after identification. In addition, it illustrates the current operating status in real time.

After spare part recognition, it is also possible to obtain the respective component or assembly from the manufacturer’s official or preferred shop with just one click. This process saves time, prevents incorrect orders and ensures quality, since spare parts piracy can be ruled out.

Digitize your machines

You are a machine manufacturer and want to digitize your machine? With our Mobile Machine Assistant you can offer your customers added value in many usecases!

xRec for your App

Are you a provider of mobile applications for maintenance, repair, production or service and would like to expand your offer? Then xRec Embedded is for you!


Would a mobile assistant that supports your employees in handling machines and helps you to work more efficiently by displaying all information relevant for maintenance in a bundled form help you?


What would you think of a mobile assistant that supports, trains and trains your employees in the use of the machine by quickly providing all relevant information on the tablet or smartphone?


Do your employees process a lot of information about ordering the right spare parts on a daily basis? Are the return rates of your customers and your storage costs high or would you like to increase turnover?


The exchange of spare parts is not only costly for the technician on site, but also for the employees in the warehouse management. The identification of the right parts by a mobile assistant can help here.

Facility Management

Are you in facility management and increasingly confronted with increased requirements in terms of flexibility, complexity, accessibility, speed, error avoidance and security and looking for solutions?

Custom Usecases

xRec, our technology for the recognition and identification of components, spare parts and assemblies, can be tailored to your needs within the framework of individual consulting projects.