Accelerate with us time-to-value for Artificial Engineering

We are looking for partners, who, together with us, will develop and sell the artificial superpowers for engineers and technicians. Let’s revolutionize the way we build and maintain machines and mechanical systems. We provide you with the right resources, skills, and platform strategy to make you stand out from the competition.

As a partner of Humai, you will be given the platform to build, sell or implement our solutions and connect with our leading client base worldwide. You can count on Humai to be your trusted partner. We will work closely with you, and we’ll provide complete transparency every step of the way.

Why Partner with us?

Market Opportunity

Artificial Assistance systems are currently one of the fastest growing markets, and the need for artificial support in mechanical engineering is reaching great heights because of global supply chains and increasingly complex mechanical systems. With more parts, more production plants, more instructions and more hands needed to maintain them, the demand is high!

Leading technology

Our revolutionary technology platform that is highly secure and was built for use in an industrial environment. Our technology is based on two pillars; high-end computer vision components and 20 years of experience in building industrial solutions.

Based in Europe

We are part of an industrial company group based in Austria with partner companies in Germany and Austria. We respect the European way of thinking about global data protection.

Partner Benefits

Co-innovation – Turn your ideas into reality and deliver your Joint Solution Offering to the market quickly with the support of our collaborative go-to-market and sales approach. You can count on us to help you drive your success.

Predictable rewards – Easy to understand our reward model and how you can reach your goals, with our open-book policy and simple margin models.

Joint go-to-market – We work with you to plan and execute a synchronized marketing and sales strategy.

Dedicated support – We work closely with you to make sure you have all the support you need.

Community – Help us build an artificial engineering community, to learn from each other and test new ideas.