We develop superpowers for the engineers of the future

Humai Technologies works with its industry customers and partners in continuously enhancing the abilities of humans (keyword: human augmentation) via artificial engineers and assistants.

This results in industry-tested applications for the precise recognition of machine parts and assemblies that meet the highest demands and the most complex requirements. After the identification of parts, many industrial processes involve the visualisation of complex information for experts, yet this is even more the case for less experienced personnel.

Industrial and production companies use our “Artificial Engineering Lab” in Vienna in order to quickly and efficiently develop practical capabilities before they are refined in an industrial context. Humai Technologies not only supplies solutions of technological excellence; as a part of the Austrian industrial group Berndorf, we also cover the requirements of our major customers in the areas of investment security and data protection.

“Humans are creative and flexible. Computers are fast and accurate. One day an Austrian company will give humans superpowers by seamlessly combining the two forces.”

TONY STARK, Stark Industries

Where we come from

Our roots lie in research and development, and for over 20 years we have been internationally active with our visual computing technologies. Elemental technologies that are used worldwide today in mobile devices originate from us.

As part of the Berndorf Industry Group, we are 100% focused on solutions that particularly useful in industrial environments. Our expertise and industry know-how enable us to offer complete solutions from early stage discussions to worldwide production rollouts.

Our Partners

Our partner network throughout Europe and the USA makes us even more powerful as a technology producer. Renowned companies distribute and implement our solutions to develop other technologies and integrate them into your hardware.

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