Superpowers for your employees in service and maintenance

Human capacity is far-reaching but is missing specific vital components that enable us, humans, to develop superpowers.  What if we told you that we can improve sight, provide rapid recognition, extend your perception and deliver accurate identification? Those are the superpowers that every company needs and wants in service and maintenance.

Superpowers are not only for comic book superheroes.

We have developed in-house computer vision and visualization technologies that administer AI superpowers to your team. The xRec, MagicLens Core and Training Data Generation are technologies your team needs to form the basis of the Artificial Maintenance Assistant (AMA).

Humai has developed AI technology along with major industry partners and is used by companies worldwide, as well as leading medium-size businesses around the globe.

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Superpowers for your industrial sales and distribution

There should be no limit to how your sales team makes a lasting impact on their sales and distribution strategies. With the Artificial Sales Assistant (ASA), even the less experienced sales personnel, partners, and trade-fair staff can present complex technical products and solutions in an immersive interactive and comprehensive way.

This is a revolutionary platform that effectively combines the functions of the sales applications with 3D visualization and augmented reality.

The ASA provides you with functional and technical support through a dedicated platform and the company’s associated in-house applications, which you can enhance, adjust and distribute at any time without any programming skills whatsoever.

Based on MagicLens technology which is also developed by Humai, ASA has been used successfully in numerous industrial companies, worldwide for many years.

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